Allot NetEnforcer

Is anyone using this currently to monitor their network?

If so…

Goods vs Bads?

Linux or Windows based?

Average Price?

Customer Support experience?

We use an older AC-402 in our network - all traffic flows through it for a bit of QoS but mostly for monitoring. We use the NE excusively for our usage reports now, and I have one display on my desktop dedicated to the live graphs.

The unit itself is Linux based, can be accessed via Telnet, SSH, or a Java gui. There is a new interface out for it called NetExplorer - supposed to better, but at the current price, with some of the limitations and current known issues I am reluctant to follow that route right now.

As for pricing, we bought ours a few years ago so I imagine pricing has dropped. Maybe talk to a dealer - see if they have some kind of demo units?

Customer support is great from Allot. If I ever have an issue those guys are willing to work on it for a while 'till we get it sorted out. I had an issue with losing some accounting data once, but only due to my trying to move the database from one server to another. The tech that helped me out worked for hours recovering the data from the old server and importing it to the new server. Great people there.

Hope this helps.