Alternate (Sticky) IP address and/or IP-Aliase


I would like the option to put a sticky IP alias on the LAN side of the radio when it's in bridge mode. Typically my installers will put 192.168.0.x on the laptop when doing an install. The radios are typically programmed from a master config befor they leave the office and we put them in DHCP client mode as we run DHCP servers at all our towers. 

When the radio registers to the tower the IP address is no longer available. As a result, we can not view the radio in the web browser once we acquire a signal.

In our default ubnt configs we have an alias IP that is always available for tracking, installings, etc. I would love to do the same thing with ePmp.



Hi, is always available from the Ethernet port of the radio. Does that help?


I tried and that's exactly what I needed...