I know some of you guys use both Canopy and Alvarion gear.

Is there anyone I can PM about some basic Alvarion questions?

for sure,

1. damn expensive
2. much more pps can flow through AP

yup we are in the process of decomissioning all of our alvarions. POS equip imo

My limited experience with Alvarion is only in the public safety band.

I can say they are great products (based on my experience) but for ISP deployment, anything BUT Canopy is a waste of time and money.

Why the waste for ISP deployment?

In my experience, Canopy is extremely robust in areas where the noise is high. It is not the be-all-end-all product but it fares the best when dealing with the worst.

It’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Now I have found Canopy 2.4 to be the exact opposite of alvarion in rubostness. Granted, we are new to canopy. But there have been multiple (more than half) of our NLOS install attempts would have worked with our breeze access 2.4.

Other than throughput limitations, I wouldnt trade off alvarion for Canopy 2.4 based on current limited experience.

Now, in Canopys defense, I wasnt here when alvarion was first deployed, there were probably alot of growing pains then too, but the lack of support and the multitude of problems compared to the ease of use in the brochures with canopy makes me ill.

I love Canopy too. We use 5.7 and 900s and all freqs for Backhauls but Alvarion just became very competitive and the Breeze Access SM’s are under $200 and use OFDM. We are moving new deployments to Alvarion.

hey WFN, let us know when u move back to canopy exclusively ;D