Amp's for Canopy

Hi all, new at this so bear with me…

Just installed a 2.4 canopy at my place and am having problems with low signal due to the distance… 22 miles. I have worked with other types of wireless for long shots and sometimes have had to install an amp inline to boost the signal to workable levels. This system is the first one that I have used that is using Cat 5 with a POE adaptor. Because of the fact of only Cat 5 going to the dish, I don’t see any way of inserting an amp but suspect there may be a product out there that will run with the cat 5 hookup. I am not sure on what versions of software running right at this moment but can get it if I need to post that info.
Vanderhoof, B.C.

The Cat-5 cable is on the wrong side of the Ethernet bridge to help you do any amplification – you would need to connecterize the unit in a manner similar to the 9000SMC if you want to make such an attempt.

I have connectorized and placed an amp on a 2.4 sector for a short while. I will do further tests to see the real effect on throughput.

look at FDDI systems for connectorizing a 2.4
look at rflinx for bi directional amps

md – do you have a web site for info on making a connectorized sm?

i am looking for a antenna that i can attatch to the sm via some kind of pig tail – even if i have to create the connection with a solder on unit.

some more info on boosters would be great.

Yes, thats correct…

In the SM config page, there is Transmitter Output Power option, is there any way that we can change it above 25 dBm? and also in AP config page?

I’ve already email the tech support, and they said "The maximum Transmit Output Power of 25 dBm when added to our 8 dBi patch antenna gives us an EIRP of 33 dBm or 2 W which is the maximum allowed in the US and Canada "

My question is, how about other countries if they didnt put any maximum allowence, so we can put more output power into our canopy gears ?

Maybe we need more power on SM and AP

If you are making a connectorized AP & SM and this a point to point (necessary in the US for this power level) link, then just change your antenna selection:

25 TX Power
20.5 Antenna Gain (15 degree directional panel 14" x 16")
-1 Connector loss
-131.005 Free space loss (approx @ 22 miles)
-1 Connector loss
20.5 Antenna Gain

-67.005 Calculated power