Analog or digital voice server recommendation

I'm looking for recommendations for an analog or digital voice server that would be able to provide local telephony services to a remote island village with less than 5000 users.  The idea would be to use a PMP setup with R20X for the home so that the users can make local calls house to house.  We would like to host the server on the island and the service would stay local.  Any suggestions that wouldn't break the bank?


You could always go down the path of Elastix/Asterisk/FreePBX etc, then the only cost is the hardware. This could be virtualised also if need be, or you could run smaller servers and IAX trunk between them if you needed to segregate it I guess.

I would be interested in hearing how this proceeds, I know a small island that would also benefit from something like this, except they are around 2000 users!

Thanks  for the replay, I'll post the results to the forum, but it may take some time. ;)

We are VOIP experts and are very familiar with setup of this type of soft switch and call routing in a cost effective way. In addition we can assist with QoS programming and architecture. If you want some assistance and initial consultation, please PM me.

Thanks. Jordan Eliason
RBBS Telecom