android 1.2 fix for wifi+mobile?

Just wondering i had posted a recommendation for forcing the application to use a specific connection on android to fix the issue that newer androids require you to disable mobile data to get it to see the wifi... 

Just wondering as i havent seen an update in a while did the team get to try to implement the fix. not the same reference i made last time but similar

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@CSup, we did investigate this and ran into some sporodic SNMP issues when this approach was used.  We will revisit this, possibly adding it as an optional feature to enable/disable to get some field testing with it.  We will try to get this into one of the upcoming 1.2.x beta releases.

Hey Emilio - any word on when we can expect the new 1.2.x beta?


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@Jacob Barnard, we are looking to release it in about three weeks.

iOS release to fix the JSON template issue in 3 weeks as well?

@jw1, the next iOS beta release will have the template issue resolved but I don't have an estimate yet on when that will be released.