Android cnMaestro captive portal errors

I keep getting 

"The webpage at" 

error when connecting with some android devices. 

I think there was a post on suggesed whitelist settings for IOS and Android captive portal issues but can't seem to find it. 

Any pointers?


Is this the post you were refering to?


1. ""

2. ""

3. "*"

I spoke to soon. I'm getting errors on IOS devices as well. 

Note that this is for a Voucher only splash page. No Free, paid or social login. 

On IOS, it seems to be trying to go to localhost

Hi ,  

  Can you Please enable Bypass Captive Portal Detection under Guest Access Page as shown in screenshot attached . 

The issue faced by Martin can be fixed by upgrading to 3.5.1. This version is available for upgrade on cnMaestro.

Bypass captive portal will be required if you use social login with Google / Facebook.

Trevor, I've upgraded to 3.5.1 on cnMaestro yet still I've been consistency getting "The webpage at" error. Please help me fix it!

Arjun Dixit
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It is the android way of detecting if a Captive Portal sign in is required . 

The detection url differs between different Android versions.For Marshmallow, it uses, check the code here AndroidXRef - Marshmallow 6.0.0_r1

For Kitkat, it uses check the code  . 

To avoid these popping of webpages  we can add these below urls inro whitelist on access point . 



I'm having the same issue. I thought it was because I tried the Q beta and then downgraded back to P... but I've factory reset several times now and the issue persists. 9Apps VLC

Can you check what does the DNS settings shows up on your phone. Based on the error it looks like the DNS is failing for you. I hope it has not enabled secured/Private DNS on this phone.

 Android and iPhones should open the Captive Portal Page automatically.  Only when whitelist specific websites, we don't get Portal page automatically. These specific websites get whitelisted by default when we enable Social login features  (Facebook login,Google login) . In that case we get Captive Portal page only when we browse any http website .Please send the tech-support file to so that we can debug the issue .