Animal Farm

Anyone attending Animal Farm this year?

…went to the launch of microsoft vista last year. certainly want to do A.F. this year. … oh, and give you a big hug jerry. :slight_smile:

OK, you’re scaring me…

Isn’t animal farm a book/cartoon from the 50’s designed to explain to the world how socalism and communism work?

Seriously what is animal farm?

Thanks jerry,

Wow all the way out in utah huh?

I wonder if they ever have anything closer to home.


Yes, its a great book by George Orwell. I’d recommend picking up a copy.

Does it cost anything?

If it does not I might go. I’ll probably have to just take time of my own…

Not going to get into that one any further… :roll:

Yeah it’d be nice to know what it does cost. It sounds really interesting. Is it going to be a big sales pitch though? I hate paying tonnes to go to a convention and it turns out to be a bunch of companies hawking their products with hardly any actual useful info.

Sorry for the negativity there.

Did anyone go this year? How was it?

AFAIK it’s just travel and lodging unless you want the dinner Thursday Night.

On these types of deals, the sponsors usually pick up the costs of the meeting rooms (or depending on the hotel the rooms may not cost anything with X number of hotel registrations). So yes, you will hear some pitches :slight_smile:

I do expect to hear some good info, make some contacts, and bend Moto’s ear a little…That’s worth the trip right there!

So by sponsor what do you mean?

Check out the website. CTCA, Last Mile, Moto, PacketFlux, etc.


What needs to be done to get sponsored?

In this case, Beehive has the clout to put together a successful event.

With that expertise and history of successful events they can attract sponsors for the event.

Starting from scratch is difficult. The event would need to be highly attractive, that is likely to draw a good crowd. With that you would hit up various companies to sponsor the event and sell them booth space as well as ad space.



So you need to be one of the people participating in hosting of the event to get things 100% taken care of.

Now I get it :slight_smile:

It’s not a big deal. SLC is not far from where I am at, maybe a 6 or so hour drive. A hotel room there shouldnt be TOO expensive either. Like I said I was just planning on paying for this myself.

thanks much Jerry!

Yeeha, looks like I’ll be attending with 2 other techs. We’re flying in from the East Coast.

Hope to see everyone there.

AF is just up the street from me.

I went last year (the first year) and it was great!

The presentations were a little rough around the edges, but highly technical.

It is not an official Motorola event so you will see lots of information regarding systems you might use with your Motorola gear (that are not necessarily Motorola branded).

If you want to meet a lot of the people and engineers that work on products relating to Motorola then it’s a great place to be for a couple of days.

I’ll be there at least one of the days and look forward to seeing some of you there as well!

It does not cost anything to attend however you do have to register and they are running out of slots. Over 150 people registered already. Wireless Beehive is also going to be taping the event and will have all of the presentation material available afterwards. This is the second year so things will be a lot more polished.

The dinner is being covered by some company already (Think big M). There will probably be a sales pitch at the dinner.

The conference is very technical and without any sales pitches. The equipment sponsors will have small venues at the event where you can talk to the engineers about their gear during breaks if you wish. The “sponsors” are the technical guys from those companies, not sales guys. They make gear that compliments canopy like syncpipes and cyclone.

People who run WISPs are the ones doing the presenting on very technical topics such as Antenna Patterns, Signals, VLANs, Routing, Radio Mobile, Prism, System Management, etc. There will also be talks on installation methods and other equipment that compliments Canopy. Discussions about competative equipment also occur. Some talks turn into Q&A sessions more than actual presentations. This event is for owners and technical admin types of the WISP industry.

I attended last year and found that although there were only 50 people it was the most informative event I have ever visited. Plan to have extra time available after the event on Friday to hang out and chat. That is when the real good discussions go on.

There is also a skiing event on wednesday. I am not sure of the details since I broke my big toe and will now not be attending that.

What a great event.

Certainly the best presentation (for me) was by Motorola Chuck who made clear how seriously they have taken the 8.x/P10 fiasco. I am confident that they have every possible resource on getting ver 9 out and making sure that they don’t screw up like this again.

Other presentations on GPS, ISPdone (full call center support and billing at $3/SM), Radio Mobile, Canopy PTP500, Canopy OFDM PTMP, and others made this a trip well worth attending.

Any chance of some info about what they were talking about? New products?