another config file import headache

Today I downloaded the JSON config from an ePMP BH radio.  Then I tried to push the config file to an ePMP SM radio to use as a temporary replacement.

The import process broke, complaining about the field "networkLanSpeed" telling me it should be empty.  Edited config and replaced the '1000' with '' (empty string) and it complained about the same field, telling me "Add record with proper values".  Once I put '100' in it would import.


Sorry to hear that. I'll send this on to the development team so it can be addressed.

Hi Newkirk,

Was the original backhaul device a gigabit ethernet and the SM device a fast ethernet?

Daniel Sullivan

ePMP Software Manager

Exactly, it was/is a Force110 radio, gigabit, which we temporarily replaced (as a diagnostic step) with a standard dual-100 connectorized SM.  It was NOT (AFAIK) set to 1gigabit, it was set to auto-negotiate.

I wanted to suggest something - when we try to import a config and there are one or more fields that have problems, how about a dialog listing the fields with problems and offering to apply all other fields or maybe even allowing us to edit the problem fields? (I realize the dev time necessary for the latter...)  Some fields in the config are critical to set, others (ethernet link speed when it's set to auto anyway? Country/Region) it would be nice to be able to apply the config while just ignoring those fields, as long as we're informed of which fields aren't applying.

This is becoming a significant annoyance - I currently have 3-4 'current' default SM config files, and for each radio brought to me from the field typically it takes 2 tries to find a config that it will swallow.  (new stock not so bad, once I find the one that works for a particular SM it usually works for others in that same shipment)