Another interferance ?

I have read all the posts on interferance and I find them very helpful. However, another ? I know you posted on how to read the Spect Anal, but are there any books, info sheets, etc that will detail it for a non-RF person? I am trying to learn as much as I can. I looked on Amazon for the RFI Handbook. I will try the libary tomorrow, if they don’t have it, I will purchase it. Anyway, anyone have problems with metal roof interferance? These are with the 900 mhz and 7.2 software in 1X mode.

I have some experience with a customer whose roof was built with the metal shingles. There were two peaks on his roof with problably 12-15 feet seperating the bottom from top. We originally had it mounted on the bottom peak, then had to relocate because of the high spikes in jitter. We moved it to the highest peak and saw the same thing. By placing it in the middle between the two, we were able to keep the jitter down.