Answering machine doesn't hang up call

We have a customer that has an answering machine hooked up behind their Pilot R200P on firmware 4.2.3-R4.  When their answering machine takes the message and the caller hangs up, the call doesn't disconnect.  Instead, the answering machine will just continue to record beeping.  When we experienced this happen with a different brand ATA, we could change the Loop Current Disconnect to "Yes" and it would solve this problem.  Is there a comparable setting on the Pilot ATA?  In the config file for the Pilot, I see DBID_CODEC_LOOP_CURRENT=26.  Does this value maybe need to be changed to something else?  Thanks for any help you can provide.


DBID_LOOP_CURRENT is not the parameter to control this. Instead can you try the following.

On the R200/201 GUI : 

FXS1/2 -> Preferences 

                Under CPC Control section

                    Enable the "CPC Enable" parameter

                    save and reboot the unit.

Please check now, if the call is disconnected when the remote party hangs-up.

CPC stands for Calling Party Control (also called Open Loop Disconnect) : It is a signal sent to the phone equipment to  indicate that the "Calling Party" has hung-up, so it can stop recording to answering machine or voice mail, drop the call off hold, or just release a line that might be used for other purposes



Thanks for the info.  Will try this now and post the results.

I can confirm that this did in fact fix our problem.  Thanks for the help.

The customer now states that when a message is left on their answering machine, it is beeping several times before disconnecting the call.  It started beeping once before disconnecting, and now is beeping 4 times.  Is there a way to control how quickly the call is terminated once the calling party hangs up?  CPC Control has CPC Enabled, CPC Duration is set to 0 and CPC Delay is set to 0. 




Let me  try to get you a solution for this if any.




Can you try setting the delay and duration values to 1 and then try if it helps.



I will try this and report back, thanks.

Ok, I have some additional information.  With CPC Duration and Delay both set to values of 1, a long beep is heard after the call is disconnected, but the answering machine actually stops the recording right away and that beep is not heard on the recording.  It is only audible to the customer if they hear the message being left in real time.

With CPC Duration and Delay set to values of 0, there is a series of 5 beeps that can be heard in real time after the call disconnects, but the recording actually stops right after the first beep.  I'm thinking this may possibly just be the behaviour of this person's answering machine.  Let me know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions.


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