Antannae Height Calculation , Earth Curvature & Fresnel

There are two standard calculations being made available for

1.Antannae Height Calculations.
2.Fresnel Zone Calculations.

My Query is ,

a)whether the Antannae eight Calculations Include

Earth Curvature & Fresnel Zone or only Earth Curvature.

b)Also The minimum Antannae Elevation is that on 1 side of Link or we need to have the recommeded Elevation at Both Ends of the links…?

Are you referring to the calculation spreadsheet in the manual?

If you’re talking about the Motorola-supplied Excel tools, I had the same questions. I had found the Motorola Antenna Elevation calculator gave results that were so large they made no sense.

Instead, I use only the Excel Fresnel Zone spreadsheet to find the zone radius at the midpoint and one or more near-objects. I then use a sheet of paper (to reduce brain-farts), a calculator with the square-root function, and the Pythagorean theorem to calculate earth-curvature.

I add radius and earth-curvature together at the midpoint and any closer objects or hills I’m concerned about, and draw another picture – with unequal x and y scales – that combines elevations from a topo map and maybe some trees.

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Yes . I am referring to the same given in manuals

This is a small plug for a great peice of softare that takes care of all that for you.

RaidoMobile –

It is basically an RF modeling suite. It works great for looking at terrain profiles between two sites (calculates Earth curvature and shows the fresnel zone); as well as a ton of other features.

Looks Impressive.Thanks.

No problem. It is somewhat combersome to get installed and configured (as I’m sure you discovered), but well worth it.

Yes. I did.Thanks again.