Antenna arrangement with ePMP 3000

Hi all, I’ve a tower with 2 x ePMP 3000, each one with 2 90 degrees RF elements antenna.

So, in total, there are 4 antennas in the tower.

I’m wondering how I should co-locate the antennas? And why :slight_smile: ?

Right now I’m using the Layout 2 (right),

Please advice, thanks!

Please review THIS video by Cambium on how to use GPS synchronization and frequency reuse.


Thanks @Eric_Ozrelic, I will watch it. I also want to let you know that I solved a problem I didn’t know I have.

Problem: MCS was fluctuating.

Issue: I had Sector instead of Omni/Split-Sector selected, and because I have 2 RF elements horns in each radio, it wasn’t working properly.

So, that change made the trick, I’m still using the Layout 2 with that new configuration, and everything is working very well, the MCS got stable.

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I watched the video but still I’m not able to understand if with “back to back” they are referring to two different radios or to 4 different radios with an ePMP antenna.

In my case, I only have 2 radios, and 4 antennas of 90 degrees, which layout should I use based on my original question?


The same principal applies for reuse. e.g. radio 1 uses 5800MHz, two 90 degree antennas are pointed North and South. radio 2 uses 5200, two 90 deg antennas are pointed East and West. Make sure that radio 1 and 2 are not using the same channel. Make sure there is at least a 5MHz… or ideally greater guard band between adjacent channels.

Fantastic, what a relief! I’m using Layout 2 per my original post, and of course two different frequencies with separation. Thanks for avoiding me to climb the tower tonight!