Antenna Downtilt, Antenna Model

Is downtilt meant to be total downtilt, or just mechanical downtilt?

Other vendors allow you to input the model number of the antenna being used, which I presume the SAS provider then matches with an antenna file....meaning they already know the electrical tilt value.

But in the current iteration of the cnMaestro Cloud CBRS form, it doesn't ask for an antenna model, so I feel the downtilt field is rather vague at this point.



The value that you enter is mechanical + electrical downtilt.  For PMP450m and PMP450i integrated antennas, they have 2 degrees of electronic downtilt.

There is also a gray reference area on the right of the spreadsheet for quick values and an instructions tab.

Thanks for the quick response. I was using the "Add AP or BHM" button to add just one AP, and the "i" information popup could be alot more helpful with determining what number to put there. Maybe rename the field to "Total Down Tilt" or something?

I checked, but didn't see any extra detail in the Excel sample file regarding Total vs. Mechanical vs. Electrical downtilt, so maybe that could have some extra description too.

Good ideas.  Thanks for the feedback!