Antenna mac addresses

How do I find the “true” mac address of my antennas in cnmaestro, as reported by the antenna when I attach to it?

Antennas don’t have MAC addresses. I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking or trying to find out. Could you possibly rephrase your question?

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Are you looking for the MAC of the AP?

Yes! I think that’s what i need . . .

Perhaps im using the wrong term, when i use an app called “wifi analyzer” to determine if theres a signal it gives me a mac address which does not match the mac address shown in the cambium software


cnPilot AP’s have a number of MAC addresses. In the case of an e410 that I have in service, the WLAN has 2 different MAC addresses - one for each radio which is the MAC address that WIfi Analyzer shows:

This is the MAC address that cnMaestro shows for this AP:

Hope this helps.
Dave Clelland
System Engineer,

So, how do I find the mac address, in the cambium software, that matches what “wifi analyzer” sees? The above info I can find, but can’t for the life of me understand 1) why wifi analyzer sees a different mac, and 2) why it is so difficult to find that same mac address in the cambium software?

The AP is configured as a switch. Each 'leg" or port of the switch has a different MAC address so that traffic can flow through the AP properly. AP’s have at least 2 MAC addresses - one for the ethernet port, and one for the radio port. In Cambium’s case, there is a MAC address for the ethernet port, which is the MAC address that cnMaestro shows in the configuration tab, and 2 MAC addresses for each WLAN configured - one for the 2.4 Ghz radio, and one for the 5 GHz radio. You can find these MAC addresses in cnMaestro in the WLAN tab of the AP.
This is the configuration tab:

This is the WLAN tab.

Quick question… is the MAC that ‘wifi analyzer’ showing you even a Cambium MAC? Have you checked it against a OUI/MAC database?

AP UI or cnMaestro UI display 3 main mac addresses of the device. One is Device MAC address and other 2 are 2.4GHz & 5GHz radio MAC addresses . If you have configured any no.of wlan’s on the AP then you can see all those mac addresses information in “service show iwconfig” command output. I guess you are looking for these mac addresses information on the AP. This command will display each wlan/VAP mac address.

To run that command you have 2 option one is ssh to AP and run the command or from cnMaestro Tools page you can run that command(refer the image pasted below)

cnMaestro–> Tools → Debug → Advanced Mode and run the command

Hope this information helps .


I have not, but it must be a viable mac address, just can’t understand why it doesn’t correspond to any the cambium software shows for any of the ap’s.

For all Wireless interfaces active on AP, you can obtain MAC address per device as below:

Thanx! I’ve done that, it just doesn’t match the mac address wifi analyzer shows . . .

Cambium OUIs are:

  • 00-04-56
  • 58-C1-7A
  • B4-A2-5C
  • BC-A9-93
  • BC-E6-7C

What OUI is your Wifi Analyzer showing you?

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ending octets are b7:fe:c1 on one of the ap’s, and they should be (according to Cambium software):