Antenna Manufacturers

Is anyone using an HPOL, 90 degree sectorized antenna on there 900 Mhz equipment?
Or does anyone know of a good brand/maker of a 90 degree sector antenna?

Thanks in advance.

I use the MTI 90 deg sector. I would caution the use of SuperPass antennas. Last Mile Gear use the TIlTek brand on most of their conversions.

Thanks Matt.

Do you have a part # for that antenna.

Who makes Superpass? Til -Tek is there own company right?

I have been looking at Til - Tek stuff but they are expensive.

Cost is relative.

If you use a lower cost/quality antenna you will save now, but in the long run it will cost you in lower performance and possibly the inability to connect as many customers.

There are plenty of other places to skimp, the antenna is not one of them.

I highly recommend TilTek or MTI.

I use Andrew and Maxrad. Radiowaves, MTI and Tiltek also good (but havent try both of them because they are too pricey for us)

1- Andrew
2- CelWave
3- MTI
4- Pacific Wireless

Andrew has with out a doubt the best construction, it’s design for extreme conditions ( Up in remote mountain ) where it gets very cold o very hot.
Cost is up in the $2K

Celwave, heavy duty omni ( I thing they have Hol-Pol ) Motorola labels it as Motorola but in the box it’s Celwave. About $1.9K

MTI make a light type antenna, but it has good gain. About $600.00
PacWireless make a good, very cheap antenna, About $300.00

Have had good success with the Pacwireless HPOL products.

We purchased a Cyclone Omni (Last Mile Gear) that is H-POL and we just recently purchased a Kathrein-Scala that is H-POL. We like both of them alot and they are very well made. I would say that the Scala antenna is of a higher quality but you do pay for it. From what I have read the Scala antennas are about as good as they get.


We just put in 4 90 degree Tilteks. They seem to be performing quite well, we’re very pleased with them.

Thanks for all the input. We have decided to go with the MTI 90 degree HPOL antennas at about 700 ea.

Same here. Have two towers with 4 90 degree MTIs. Working great. By the way, when I first started using it we noticed problems with SMs dropping out and they would not come back until AP rebooted. No matter what we tried, the SM would not sync back up until 1 to 2 hours later or until AP rebooted. Whatever came first. We had initially installed external filters (cyclone 900 mhz filters) and it wasn’t until we finally removed them all that the problem cleared instantly. Any ideas?. Signal to SMs were always good. 60s in most cases.