Antenna on top of tower, radio inside the building

Hi everyone,

I have a question. 

Can we install antenna on top of the tower, then connect it  use long coaxial cable to the radio inside server room?

So we terminate the coaxial cable by ourself.

My reason is our radio is often struck by lightning, then need to go onsite to do the replacement. If can install like above, then I only send the radio to the location, ask local guy to do the replacement.

Thank you very much



I am pretty fresh to Cambium, but I do know for many of the products this configuration is available and is described as a remote mount. I bet you will get more help if you can be more specific about your product and post in that area. I hope that helps!

kkwok that sounds like a split mount architecture for a PTP link. Is this question pertaining to licensed microwave? If it is then we have a couple of solutions for this. The PTP820G and PTP820F are indoor units that support one or more outdoor RF units for all indoor or split mount setups. The PTP820G connects to an outdoor unit via coax running IF and the PTP820F connects to an outdoor unit via cat5 running baseband. If you reach out to your Cambium RSM or channel partner they can get you more info and assist with a design.