Antenna patter / Front to back on the F300-19?

Doesn’t appear to be on the Spec Sheet (or at least not the spec sheets the vendors have links for).

Mounting radios on the decks of an apartment building, F300-25 to big/heavy, lots and lots of WiFi and other devices behind the radios so F/B and lobes matter.

I am not sure of the f300-19 (no data sheet for that one) but the f300-16 has a fairly tight pattern on the back side with only a 6db rear spike and almost no rear side lobes. In testing we couldnt connect to an AP using the backside to the AP from only 600ft away.

You could stick some aluminum foil to the back side and around the edges (RF Armor) to block local WiFi.

If you get the F300-19 patterns, please share.

Is this a secret or something ?

Here’s the data sheet specifically for the F300-19… but no mention of F/B ratio or antenna patterns.

Based on Cambium’s other radios that feature an integrated flat panel of similar gain (like the 450i 5GHz w/int 23dBi panel)… I’d wager the front to back is somewhat poor.

Cambium-Force-300-19-Data-sheet.pdf (609.9 KB)

Looks like about 15dB

Aiming the front of the F300-19 at a nearby tower the best I could get was -50dBm while the best I could aiming the back of the F300-19 at that same tower was -65dBm.