antenna quality and back cover ease of access

Hi All,

As per tech support I'm tossing out some ideas here.

The 90/120 antenna is really just a bad 90* antenna.  What good is signal that's 6db down from peak?

A 60, 90 and 120* antenna choice would be more useful to us.  We want antennas that are as close to peak power inside the coverage area with as fast of a falloff as possible outside it.  Self inflicted interference on site and from nearby sites are nearly always the biggest issues for us to manage.  High quality antennas make this job much easier.

While I'm thinking about it, a software setting that would allow me to use only v or h polarity on a given system would also be of help.  When we HAVE to listen to both h and v our spectrum options have just been cut in half.  Sometimes the customers get hight speeds with less mhz used due to interference issues.

The covers and the radios, especlally the new force units are nearly impossible to open under good conditions.  Now pretend you are working in the field, up on a ladder or tower.  Go put your hands in a bowl of ice water for 5 mintues, stand on a swivel chair and try to open the back of the radio.  That's about as close as it'll get to a cold windy day standing on a ladder that's already on poor footing and then trying to open the back of the radio up.  When you get a design that allows you to open them easy but stays firmly closed we'll have one less nit to pick on an otherwise amazing product.




Hmmm... maybe you got some mis-information? At 90deg it has a 3dB roll off, and at 120 it has a 6db roll off. The new antenna is actually better in every way when compared to the previously released 5GHz OEM antennas that were manufacturered by RF Elements. In any case we've been very happy with the performance of the new antenna compared to the earlier OEM models. In addition, this new antenna is optimized for use with the ePMP 2000 beam steering antenna (BSA).

If you need a 60deg antenna, why not just go to KP performance?