antenna radiation patterns for PMP 450 3 GHZ

Could anybody tell me where I can find the radiation patterns for the antenna PMP 450 3 GHZ?? I am working on a atoll project for the bands 3.4 and 3.8 and I do not find a place to download this information from your web page??

please some assistance in this matter will be great


You would have to request the antenna patterns from our support center.
You can submit an online form here:

thank you Corey I already submit the online form , I hope to get this radiation patterns to continue with my Atoll project again thanks for your help…

Why aren’t these machine-readable antenna files just freely downloadable for all your products? The antenna pattern plot is visible on the data sheets, so it is clearly not a secret? It seems that Cambium is just making extra work for both themselves and their customers.

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