Antenna selection on PTP670

Good Day Eric, How is the UltraHorn on the 670’s? Did you mount them for dual-slant polarity? What is your best recommendation for the 2+ foot dish now?

Thanks for any info,

We tried the Ultra horn and performance got worse, probably because of the reduction in gain on each side (24dBi vs. 29dBi). We ended up going back to a 2’ dish, but this time we used a KP Proline, and that worked very well. So after testing, I think I’d recommend the following use cases:

  • Use UltraHorn’s for shorter shots where both sides are experiencing interference

  • Use KP Proline dishes when you need a high quality, low cost 2’ dish with 29dBi gain.

  • Use RadioWaves dishes when you need a dish larger then 2’ and higher gain. These dishes are top quality, but they’re spendy.