Antenna Selection

Has anyone reading this used an omni antenna with their 450?

What kind of range are you getting?

Are you satisfied with the result?

Just ordered a KP Omni antenna for a 450 radio. Of course since the PMP 450 isn’t certified for use with anything but the sectors, there of course isn’t any way to get the full power output required, and there’s no way to increase the power any more on the radio in the configuration. As soon as I get it online though, I’ll be glad to do some testing and post some results on range / performance.

Hi. We have tried both the Ubiquiti and KP omnis. Performance is slightly better with the KP. Better SNR and dBm.
The clamping bolts on the KP omni need grease before they are tightened down or else they will seize and break.
We also had water penetrate the RF connections on at least two of the UBNT omni’s we tried. It could be my fault that happened, but I haven’t had that problem with the KP.

Can Someone tell me what plugs into H and what plugs into V on the KP Performance?

I think you are talking about the new 2.4Ghz 450’s with A + B ports. If so, A goes to H, and B goes to V.

Otherwise the KPPA-5.7-DPOMA Omni antenna has the H + V stamped into the bottom and you would match the cables on the 5 Ghz 450 AP with the H + V labeled ports.