Any 450m 3.65 beta testers out there to share stories

Just curious to see if any Beta testers had any stories to share about the success of the new 3.65 product. Comparisons to other 450m 5ghz perhaps or reaching customers previously unreachable or how working in a lighly licensed arean has worked out. Anyone? :)

I won't speak for the folks that have been using the product for several weeks (please chime in, guys), but we have been working to optimize their systems, and have seen incredible capacity boosts in several sectors.

In one instance, a customer replaced three 450 APs with a single 3 GHz 450m, and realized improvements in total capacity (his total went from ~150 Mbps spread across three APs to ~200 Mbps through the single 450m).

We have one arriving today and another 3 over the next few weeks. We have a few PMP450i sectors with 40+ subs off of them providing 10mbps packages we are expecting quite a boost in speeds and hopefully be able to provide 25mbps packages once the AP is replaced.

Fingers crossed!


Checking in to see if you got your 3.65 radio up and if you are getting the capacity boost you were looking for. How is coverage through trees?