Any 4600L users w/actual 4600Ls?

Has anyone actually received and used a 4600L?

We just got our 2nd batch that was labled as 4600Ls but were actually 4600Cs. Same issue over a month ago from a different distributor.

Are we the only ones who have had this happen?
Seems to be a failure to communicate???

Come on man!


They’re the same radio and ATM with the 5.4.2 and beta firmwares, they function exactly the same… e.g. you can use both for both rolls in PtMP, and PtP modes.

That being said… did the disti send you a box that says it’s a 4600L, but there’s a 4600C in it… or did the disti mess up and send you a 4600C (both box and unit indicating it’s a 4600C)?

The 4600C does not do PTMP, ergo why I wanted a 4600L.

Agree seems to be the exact same radio, I begged support to flash them to a 4600L but no joy.

Both distos shipped boxes and radios marked 4600L and when booted up you see they are 4600Cs :face_exhaling:

So have you ever used or seen a 4600L?

Sure you can… like I said, the 4600C can be used for all PtMP and PtP rolls…

Ok try it and show the next screen…

It only allows 1 SM.

OK, I see what you mean… yes, it says limited to 1 connection… well, shucks… @Fedor sounds like you folks need to get this fixed ASAP!

Yep, I had to fire one and and double check. Ony 1 SM allowed.
You scared me so I checked.


F4600Cs are limited to 1 SM in TDD mode.
If you received force4600C instead of epmp4600L please open the support ticket and we will provide the replacement asap.
I’m really sorry for the inconveniences caused.

They’ve been bound & determined to take this feature away every generation since the N series SMs… So I don’t think this is a bug or an accidental oversight… Just grinds my gears.

What feature? This is a major manufacturing and communication error! This thread is about the 4600L, if it exist!

2 shipments, from 2 different distributors, 1 1/2 months apart with mislabled equipment.

I have never seen or heard of anyone that has an actual 4600L, has anyone?

I performed surgery to separate the 2 labels on the radio.
Top label says “ePMP4600L 2x2 Access point Radio”.
The bottom label says “ePMP 6GHz Force 4600L SM” :rofl:

The fact that they are the exact same radio as the 4600C, that is limited to 1 SM, yea that blows but I am in search of the 4600L.


Sorry, we have kind of two cross thoughts here. My bad.

  1. Yes, clearly if your boxes and products are labeled as AP, and you actually got an SM, then yes clearly that’s a mistake somewhere along the line. I’m sure Cambium will do well on that for you.

  2. Separately from that, one of the core features of the EPMP line was always that any SM could be used as a non-GPS (unsynced) AP. The 1000 series and the 2000 series any SM could be used as a micropop AP. That was a key advertised feature of the EPMP line, differentiating it from previous Canopy and Cambium generation of radios.

When the 3000 came along, suddenly they reneged on that, and the 300 SMs were suddenly limited in firmware to 1 SM association when configured in AP mode. After much backlash, Cambium moved this limitation up to 12 SM association for 300 series SMs in AP mode. That was an OK compromise.

Now it appears with the 4000/400 series, it appears that they’re once again reneging on that, and once again limiting SM’s in unsynced AP mode to just 1 association.

So, sorry if I was confusing issue. I was Just replying to Eric that I didn’t think the SM having a limitation of 1 SM was any sort of error or oversight, it is a deliberate choice by Cambium. That of course is totally separate issue from a shipping order packaging or labeling kerfuffle, that I’m sure they will rectify ASAP. My bad, my apologies. My reply was to Eric’s comment :pray:

They really do exist!

We received 2- 4600Ls today via Air shipment from Cambium. They went above and beyond to resolve the multi distributor conundrum we had with mis labeled 4600Ls.

Here is some testing. units only 100’ apart and powered down but OMG : )

Out with the orange guys 6G and in to the blue : )

I hope to have 3- 4625s and 1- 4600C SM connected this weekend at a distance of 3-4 miles.



Funny story, working with another operator moving from Mimosa 6GHz to e4k and they’re playing around with e4k’s WiFi mode to aid in their transition. They get better performance between Mimosa and e4k using WiFi mode then they did when using just Mimosa :laughing:

Great to hear that Cambium took care of you on this. Keep us posted on your deployment!