Any chance for more graceful screen updates?

I have all my panels in, I'm trying to move them all to towers, 150+ AP's, but doing it one by one is atrocious mainly due to the massive refresh that happens. I've noticed this when pretty much any setting is changed but having the tree view and the edit page all perform a full refresh really slows down the process, I know it's more work but there has to be a cleaner more responsive way of doing this.



Could you please be more specific which cnMaestro version you are using i.e. Cloud/On-Premises. We have already introduced bulk move feature as part of cnMaestro release – 1.6.2 under Inventory view. So could you please give a try and let us know how it goes.



On-Prem 1.6.3

I don't know how i missed that feature, i was doing it from the manage tab this made moving them much easier. 

Their still seems to be an unnecessary refresh in the manage/configuration for AP. When you change the heigh/azi/ele/beam it refreshes the tree view, but those values dont change anything in the tree view to require a refresh.