any hope for a canopy 900 ODFM product?

we’ve been playing with the new 430 5.8 and its not doing so well for us with the trees any hope moto might make a 900 mhz 430 :slight_smile:

Would be nice, I’ve wondered this myself.

mgthump, the 430 57’s don’t do what a 900 can through trees but do you find that it at least compares to the 2.4 FSK Canopy?

Maybe hoping for a 24 OFDM would be more realistic :wink: Maybe those would perform like a 900 fsk :stuck_out_tongue:

In my experience with the PMP400 models, the range of these do not compare with 2.4 or 5.7 FSK equipment at all.

We have our PMP400 gear on a 400 tower and our max is about 4-5 miles.

Given the speeds are still incredible so it’s good for offloading customers that are close, it doesn’t penetrate trees too well.

the 400’s have the power turned down on them due to the fact that they are 54’s. The 430’s have normal output power like the fsk’s… plus DOUBLE the speed of a 400 series because you can use a 20MHz Channel.

Do the 430s have the same 6° vertical beam that the 400s do?

The FSK equipment had a wider vertical beam as well so I figure that has a little to do with that as well.

In are initial testing, we have many shots that would register on the 430’s but not on the 24 fsk (in one instance I had -71 with 100percent link on the 430, while the 24 would not register… this was a non line of site situation though a few brick buildings)… just wanted to see if anyone else was getting the same results.

The 6 Degrees should actually improve the performance at longer ranges… the signal is more concentrated on these panels than the standard fsk canopy. Note that the panel on the 430’s is 18dbi, where the internal antenna of the fsk is way less (7dbi on 57 and 8dbi on 24)

we’ve done a great deal of testing with the new 430, we have the 5.8 model, with trees its a little better than the 2.4FSK but don’t bank on it. the thru put is only 20 or so meg in 3x which with a 27rd reflector we can get at 3.5 miles and no further, a test shot at 22 miles next to a 2.4 FSK SM registered at 78DB the 430 registered at 85 DB and didn’t perform much better, both APs are on the same tower, our 2.4 APs are conectorized, with 16DB maxrad 90 degree panels.

the430 we have cannot be changed from 10mhz channel. so 22 to 25mb is all its going to deliver

we also tested the AP facing town and it did great, we put the unit into multipathed inviroments for the FSK equipment anyway and we could hardly get a lock and keep it with the 2.4 FSK, the 5.8 430 ran great, good link %s both ways and 2x performance most of the time getting about 13 to 15mb thruput.

very nice specrum effectence, only 10 MHZ, didn’t have any problems with our PTP 600s with these APs left 15 MHZ spacing between them.

anyone facing town that has to deal with multipath problems this 430 hardware is a godsend, for us out in the county, its an improvement but not major. we only have 1 demo kit so we didn’t get to see how they handle being in a cluster and so forth, but I’d say good job moto and maybe someone we’ll get lucky and see 900 ODFM lol

oh if anyone wants this demo kit, its up for sale! we’ve got tons of 900 gear we are going to stick with.