Any plans for a feature like AirMagic?

It would be great to jump onto an AP and have it activate the spectrum scanner remotely on all it’s attached SMs and then see a table view of what all the SMs are seeing on their frequency scanner, so we can quickly identify what common channels the SMs are seeing that are free for us to broadcast on.


No interest in this?


So PMP450 has a feature kinda like AirMagic… but not as slick. You can have the AP and SM’s do a timed SA, and then from the AP you can look at the various SM’s SA’s. There’s nothing like this for ePMP ATM. I think AirMagic is great and would like to see Cambium do something like it as well.


To begin with I would like to get a frequency change without disconnecting the connection


Must have feature now…


To be honest - ubnt has a more user-friendly web interface and cli than ePMP, and better features… another question about performance, ePMP is significantly more efficient.
To be happy - I need to things: Seamless Frequency change and better ping )))

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That’s not true.

ePMP GUI is much more better, user-friendly and clearly than AirOS8

Seamless frequency change would be great on ePMP platform

There are many MANY things that Cambium could adopt from UBNT’s GUI, many features that we lag behind on now – including seamless channel change.