Any update on email/sms/syslog/snmp alerts for outages?

Getting an alert when a device goes down seems like something that should've been in there from day 1. Any update on when we can expect this? 

I would prefer email & sms alerts, but syslog or the ability to define an SNMP trap on cnMaestro would be work as well.


Unfortunately this has been "planned" and continuously delayed for at least a year, so I'm not sure how likely it is we'll get this by the end of Q.  It is definitely one of the only things keeping cnMaestro from being a full management platform.

I agree. How do you develop a NMS with the ability to send alerts??

When will this ability be available?

Basic email notification is under development and is scheduled for cnMaestro 2.0 release.

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we have release on-premises 2.1.0 with email notification feature and many more..