Anybody managed to max out a 450m ? What's your max throughput ?

Thanks Telemar,

That's great. What sort of demand are the users putting on the sector ? > 100Mbps peaks ?

Might want to check out why VC 123 seems to be struggling on it's sounding measurements (any obstructions/multipath etc.)


At evening-night we see almost 100 mb demands. Not more (yet :D )

VC 123 have antenna moved by the wind i think because signal has become worse.

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We will have to start monitoring the new metrics like frUtlMedMumimoDownlinkSectorUtilization and report back.  Either way we have one doing just short of 200Mbps tonight.  AP is in a 30MHz channel.


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I've never seen this high MU-MIMO Utilization (54%!!).

I have seen 10% max...

This is my grouping of the 280mb 450m posted before...


What's is the difference from me and jfalasci?

Hi Jfalaschi,

That's some really nice throughput. Biggest number so far, thank you.

Although maybe we should do this in a bits/Hz way to make it fair :)

Some really good grouping size numbers too.

I expect throughput can, and will, be able to get higher than that though.

Look forward to seeing some addidtion MU-MIMO Utilization metrics.


Those Stats are averaged over the last minute (or 5 or 15 you can choose at top of page).

Was your sector busy at the time ?

If you have one window open to watch these stats and another window open to keep pressing the 'link test to multiple VCs' you should see some bigger numbers.



Still working on our new grafana panels, but heres one of our 450m's this is on 20mhz, shows last 24hr and is showing frame/mimo/throughput, forgive the drops on the throughput graph we have some snmp issues atm.

The fact that frameutilization low is returning 100% vs totalmimosectorutilization showing 70% is confusing the heck out of me, and is gonna make writing a networkwide report that covers 450 and 450m:S


Hi GMMChance,

Those plots are looking really nice.Thanks.

You can see the new Utilization metrics can be more useful in tracking the throughput of the sector and it looks like you still have some headroom left.

I'm sorry it gets confusing tracking different metrics for different AP types though.

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Ya its not that bad tho :) But how come if the new specs are showing 30% free, i get complaints of slow performance really, i thought the AP was congested due to the basic graph i was monitoring, but according the mumimo one it seems theirs still frames free... Is it because so much of the traffic is showing as SUMIMO? Still not sure why the sumimo is so high (12% avg mumimo)

Hi GMMChance,

If you could collect IPADDRESS/engineering.cgi and IPADDRESS/field_diags.cgi (preferably at a busy time) then I can get some engineers to see what may be limiting the performance on your sector. We are always looking to optimise scheduler and grouping algorithms to give us the best real world results, so any input like this would be great.

If you could also let us know which customers were complaining so we could tie that in to the diagnostics.

best regards,


What clients are you using and what speed packages are clients complaining about slow speeds GMMChance? Original 450 SM’s in NAT mode have difficulty doing 30mbps net and can have even more issues when upload is saturated or there are many connections being made (like torrents).


We had 3 AP 450m on field and we are not very impressed we are keeping up with 450i

Anyway, here some stats from one of them.

Schermata da 2018-02-21 15-16-31.png


Hi Usseglio Gaudi Francesco,

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't seen much improvement.

If you could PM me with IP_ADDRESS/engineering.cgi and IP_ADDRESS/field_diags.cgi pages I'd be happy to have a look at what might be causing a problem.

The group size of 1 is concerning.

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hi all, 

josh from jade comm in Colorado. we just deployed 3 450Ms and are SO IMPRESSED. 

all are in 20 mhz channels, 5.8 band, and 40+ subs. each AP, at busy time, is doing 50mbps throughput


Hi Josh,

Thanks for the pictures.

I'm glad 450m is working so well for you.

Looks like you've got plenty of room to add subscribers and/or bigger packages there !

Some really good MU-MIMO rates on the SM/VCs as well as the overall rate.

> 400Mbps is cool :)

(or whatever the hip phrase is now, 'sick' maybe, need to watch some more snowboarding at the Winter Olympics to catch up with the latest)

Thanks again,


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We have high group size 1 high too on many 450m (40%-50% even 60%).

It's so bad? We have planned coverage with linkplanner

Hi Telemar,

You have some pictures from the Statistics Page, so these numbers are more a reflection of your current traffic.

So , no , I don't think you have a problem

My comment about 'group of 1' was based on the 'Link Test to Multiple VC' output in tools. Which should force data to all VCs and provide the best grouping possible. In this particular case I think the problem was due to not selecting 'Low Priority VCs only' in the options when running the test AND having a large number of High Priority VCs on the network. We are currently investigating this to make sure we understand though, so I will update later.



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when we put a SM on the 450M, we change their bandwidth to 25 mbps or 50 mbps. do you think, given these numbers, we can push to 100 mbps packages to our subs?

Hi Josh,

You may want to start, if you don't already, monitoring radio stats to give you a handle on capacity before you move the packages up.

See earlier posts on this thread and


I'm NOT a WISP so I'm not sure I can offer definitive advice here, I don't know if the users are even pushing the packages they have already. Most of the time they won't be and you've probably got the capacity to handle it even if 4 or more users decide to download all series of 'Game of Thones' at the same time.

Then there is the matter of SLAs, are you guaranteeing the 25/50/100 mbps, 24/7, 100% of the time or an 'up to' figure.

From what you've shared so far the sector has plenty more to give than the current loading. So in theory, yes introducing 100 mbps subs gradually while monitoring seems fine but I'd welcome the input from any WISPs on the forum before going ahead !

best regards,


 20mhz channel, 125 customers, doing 125-150Mbps of traffic


@Michael Meluskey wrote:

 20mhz channel, 125 customers, doing 125-150Mbps of traffic

Hi Michael,

Thank you, some nice numbers there.

With sector utilization only at 64% and with those good group size numbers (4 & 5) I expect it will go up to >200Mbps if needed.

best regards,