Anybody using the Motorola Canopy 900 Mhz indoor units?

Curious if anybody has had a chance to use the new indoor units for 900 Mhz and if so what have you seen as far as performance and meeting expectations?

They seem to good to be true. :slight_smile:

we’ve ordered 25 of these & should have them soon. i’ll try to post an answer for you once we’ve tested them.

the reports we’ve seen from our supplier look promising in the <2mile range.

awesome, i’d love to hear you’re findings.

thanks and good luck.

I’m interested in the feedback on this. How much are the units? Tessco is selling them for 650.00/ea…which is a little high IMO, when I can get an integrated 12db for ~300.


all tessco’s prices are extremely high when u buy a quantity of ONE… bulk prices are not much more expensive then integrated units.

the idea that you dont use much cat5, save on installation costs & GAS! makes it a toss up imo.

i’ll try to keep ya posted.

again, i am eagerly waiting for some hopeful positive feedback.

Is this horizontal polarization for this unit? I’m not seeing the information on the tech specs. I went out to the FCC and pulled up the details of this item and looked it over also without luck on finding this information out.

One thing that this helps with is installation, yes. I like the idea of the customer being able to order service, stop in pick up the gear, and plug it in themselves…Or, ordering the gear, having an installer install it for a dramatically less installation fee. Problem I see is making sure this works for a customer, but on the plus side, if a customer takes it home and doesn’t get service, they can simply bring it back and be refunded.

This can potentially be quite a money saver if things go smoothly. I’ll be calling Moto to find out what price I can get.

I’m still very interested in real-world feedback. Specifically, range from tower (what AP is on the tower), physical location of these units in relation to the house, how much foliage is between customer and tower, etc.

I could see this working quite nicely with a hotzone type of setup, being most houses in an urban area are within 1000’ of a light pole, etc.

Could a test using an integrated 900MHz SM be a similar representation of what this indoor unit could do? I understand that the integrated outdoor SM is not 80 degree beamwidth, and it’s 12dBi antenna, vs. 8dBi antenna.


The indoor units sounded very exciting until we found the price points.
At $500 each, my real concern would be the losses of units when customers move or leave.

Any consensus or ideas on contractual terms or deposit charges to insure the unit does not disapear?

At least on roof mounts we can usualy get our hands on them if needed.