Anyone seen this much interference?

Has anyone else every seen this much interference on a AP? Or is it possible the AP is malfunctioning?
The other 5 APs were on but they are all using 906 or 915, no other 924Mhz.

I’ve seen this before. It was a bad AP. RF characteristics were off by over 40db.

Swapped it out for a brand new unit to discover a noise floor at about -85 as opposed to -35.

I would not trust that reading if all 5 of the other AP’s were on.
You may have to turn off the other 5 AP’s to get a solid reading on noise floor.
I had to, mine looked like yours with 5 transmitting AP’s.
It was a pain but we could not get an accurate noise floor reading with any of our AP’s within 5 miles on. We were forced to do an early moning shutdown of all 24 AP’s and get a spectrum analysis on each one at a time. Took us about 45 minutes of total down time. At least that way, we were able to pinpoit a source of interferece at a local train yard.

How do you have all the other 5 AP’s on different freq’s?

What freq is the opposing AP on?

Oops, I did not read that it was a cluster. My bad.