Anyone tried out the new firmware?

Has anyone installed the new e2.2 firmware and tried the Upper 3.65 Configuration yet?

Enabling seems very strange to me me and almost more complicated than it should be.

Not as yet but we may try this weekend on one of our least populated towers. From the documentation it says you need to save your configured service flows first before updating due to the fact the update wipes your existing service flows.

Yeah I saw the part where it says if you downgrade from e2.2 to make sure you have your QoS settings saved. I didn’t see it say that for if you upgrade though.

I’m more concerned about using the Upper 25Mhz portion. It just seems awkward on how to use it.
So in order to use it we:

1. Make sure under Configuration > WiMAX Configuration > that the center frequency is set.
2. After enabling the Upper 25Mhz we have to set that as well.

Do we set both of these to the same frequency? If so (or if not), I’m a little confused on what’s going on here.

According to Motorola support, the CPEs must also be on e2.2 before upgrading the APs.
This is turning into a huge pain. What if a customer has their radio turned off while we’re doing upgrades?

This requirement has never been the case with past firmware updates.

Wow, yes that is quite a pain. Also thanks for the warning. So do the CPE’s have to be upgraded so that they can use the upper 25MHz (if thats what you choose) or because it just wont work at all. I’m asking that suppose you just update for other AP bug fixes etc.

For example we are running 2.1.2 and are still having the AP webpage lockup when changing settings or entering new MAC addresses. We are seeing this issue on all our AP’s…

Not positive on if it’s only because of the upper 25mhz. That’s going to be our next test (in the middle of the night this time).

Yes, opens upper 3.65
looks to be only 20 extra mhz not 25.

3680 to 3700.
can make 5, 10mhz wide channels with no separation using the lower and upper combined spectrum,

Upgrade deletes all cpes out of access control. Have to put those back in.
I did not loose service flows.
It is working stable so far. My cpes are 7.13, had no issues putting upper freq on the cpe.

Re working ABAB plan to utilize ABCD plan on 10mhz channel widths.

I think it makes much more sense now that it can be done.

Anyone else have anything to share?


Have you only upgraded your APs so far and not the CPEs?

If so are you then going to update the CPEs before using the upper 20Mhz?

No I did not, I just added the new freq in the cpes before I upgraded firmware in AP.

All cpes are 7.13 and connected fine to the upper 3.65.

Not sure why moto told you to upgrade cpes, the release notes state that 6.51 is all you need.

The note DID NOT say that you would loose the Authorized CPE List after upgrade. I did.

I had to re enter all macs again.

Connected fine after that, you do have to set the freq in a different place then normal.
no big deal.

I use 75/25 dl/up ratios and see 16Mbps/3.8Mbps on a connected cpe with perfect modulation.

IMHO I think the ABAB channel plan doesn’t work well, even with GPS sync, I feel as though there is
still self interference from the other Aps with same frequency on the same tower. Proof is in the noise floor and connectivity problems.
With an ABCD plan there can be a significant drop in noise floor and it is easier to put up multiple cells within
close proximity to each other.

I bet moto will re release a ABCD plan for 10Mhz channel widths.

Thanks, lately it seems Moto’s support is pretty useless. Then after they give you some strange answer they bug you about closing their trouble ticket as so it’s off their plate.

Yeah, you really got a push for level 2 or better, the system is not inexpensive and if they want to
keep selling it they need to fix the problems, they have fixed problems along the way but has taken time.

I’ve been through all the bugs and headaches. But I think it’s the wimax protocol that is causing the problems.

I think the idea behind the protocol is that it is designed for mobile networks, but our customer locations do not move.
It took a while for moto to implement Layer2. This is when the product starting having issues. Seems they have been scrambling to fix this ever since.

I want to control QOS, ip assignments, routing, etc, not the ap. This is why I need layer2.

The system is pretty good, handles up to 200 subs per AP, 40Mbps per AP and uses mimo, so you get pretty good penetration through foliage and such.
Works great on LOS shots at 7 or 8 mile with extended range turned on.

Equipment holds up to lighting and surge both on AP and CPE side.

I had to RMA one so far for lighting, as opposed to dozens of ubiquity, tranzeo cps.

So far the systems has been performing. But like I said I’m going to tweak my channel plan on my own. :slight_smile:

Yeah, we’ve gotten pretty good distance with extended range as well, I believe our furthest is 10.5 miles LOS.

Our biggest hurdle so far with the Layer 2 is people plugging the cable into their router incorrectly and dishing out DHCP over our network.

With PMP100 we just filtered Bootp server, seems like that would be an easy implementation with any new radio.

Oh, for cpe’s we statically assign them on the wan, then nat the lan, customer has their own broadcast domain. Prevents
those types of issues.

We, we liked how the PMP100 were able to have a private management IP and also a public IP for the WAN.
IMO it just seems like they just released the PMP320 barebones to get it out as quick as possible but now aren’t putting a whole lot of time into making it better.