AP and same area

Hi, Is posible put other ap in the center of this structure? without problems

interferences between APs?


As I understand that you want to put one more AP in the center of two Aps or you want to deploy this anywhere on the tower? Please confirm the same.

Could you please provide me the following information:-

• What is the distance between these existing APs and how far you want to deploy the new AP?
• What are the frequencies on which these existing APs are operating on?
• On which frequency you want to operate the new AP?
• May I know what exact requirement to have another AP in center is?

This type of setup is not recommended as this leads to adjacent channel interference if the power of that APs are too high.

Hi, Kimmi.

I want put one AP in te center of two APs.

The distance between existing AP is 70 cm aprox, and new AP is for 4 km.

frecuencies 5750 and 5845, and the new AP is for define (very low congest eviroment)

requeriment, if it is posible?, so I can put in a new structure in a one meter bellow... the existing APs have 50-60 subscritors everyone, I want think in the near future. 




You will have overlapping between the sectors, so it is not recomended. But it you must try it, have all APs using GPS sync, and configured similarly (in TDD mode, same TDD ratio, same Tx power, same SM TRL, same frame size) and the operating frequencies between the three sectors must be 3 channels or more apart (i.e. 60MHz from channel edge to channel edge if using 20MHz channels). You should also have the serving AP explicitly defined in each SM's Preferred AP List, to prevent SMs registering with the wrong AP.

Hope that helps