AP Average Noise Floor

Hello! I am new to RF stuff and have been trying to figure out how to find the average noise floor for Cambium AP’s. All of our Ubiquiti AP’s have the information on the home page but I am not able to find it on our Cambium AP’s. I was told you find that information on the Spectrum Analyzer page but I have not been able to figure this out. Could someone help me figure this out?

Thank you


There is no reporting of average noise floor since that requires a full spectrum scan to even consider giving you useful data, which UBNT gear does not actually perform unless you tell it but still gives you this false information.

If your using epmp3000 or epmp3000L APs then use the spectrum scan in detail mode and leave it for 15mins to fully populate the entire spectrum data. This will show you what the RF spectrum looks like, list the discovered interference sources and show their channels on the graph.

Welcome to the world of RF and the miriad of ways to get bad i formation under good intentions.