AP / BH link neg to 10 FDX


I am trying to set the AP / BH connected to CMM micro to 10 FDX, i changed speed on CMM but the AP and BH connected always connect as 10 HDX. Not Full Duplex.

Anybody getting the same problem ?

thanks for any input.

Check and see what rates you have your AP and BH set at.

Thanks for the reply.

I have ticked all neg speeds. if i only select 10 FDX then it does not connect.

Are you sure the cable is good? Did you try a different port on the CMM? Also try reflashing the firmware in both the Canopy modules and the CMM.


I’ve had the same problem: It turned out to be induction on the wire, caused by other powerful equipment on a commercial tower. It doesn’t have to be equipment in your same frequency, just powerful RF stuff somewhere along the wire run.

Thats the problem i an also having, any way to get around ?

try STP cable with shielded jacks

i am using STP cables, but probably missing the shielded jacks.

where do u earth the STP cable ?