AP/BHM to UGPS cable Pinout

Just in case you need a clearer scheme for the pinout configuration of AP450i synchronization with uGPS module.

Sorry for the reverse visualization of RJ12 representation. (The sentence in the image is from the user guide)


Thanks for this... have you seen the KB article on this topic??

It's here, and I think the diagram is pretty clear.  They match, so that's a good thing!

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I didn't see your previous post about this. The scheme you provided is absolutely perfect. Personally, I suggest to adopt your scheme and your table for the user guide on AP450/450i because the double-entry table which is currently adopted is not so clear.  Very nice job! Sorry for the duplicated content!

Hello, this diagram works fine for the first 450iAP, but when I connect the second AP, the first one stop getting sync, and the second one doesn t get anything either.

both ap has uGPS power on, no power in the middle port.

With 450i, cable length is really important... in fact, if you're connecting 2 APs to a UGPS, it's highly recommended to also use a dedicated AC Power Supply for the UGPS itself (i.e. the middle port).

This will eliminate any potential issues with being able to supply enough power from the radios themselves and should correct the issue you're seeing Juan.