AP Configuration Source SM or BAM

what does this do?

I am not running BAM - should I set it to SM? If I don’t what are the drawbacks?

Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications

If you leave it on BAM (default), the SM’s will use the data percentages you have set in the AP. However, if you set it to SM, all SM’s connected to that AP will disregard the data percentages set on the AP and use whatever it’s own settings are.

Leave it on BAM (even if you do not have a BAM server) if you want the SM’s to have their bandwidth controlled by the AP. Otherwise, you will have to set the bandwidth fields on each SM.

Taken from the docs:

“Where BAM is the indication, values in the SM are disregarded.
Where SM is the indication, values that BAM sends for the SM are disregarded.”

Just a clarification - the Downlink Data % set on the AP’s Configuration page is used to set the split of downlink/uplink regardless of how “Configuration Source” is set. Configuration Source determines the source for MIR (sustained rate and burst allocation both uplink and downlink), VLAN, CIR (with hw sched), and high priority (with hw sched). Per-SM MIR and CIR basically set a ceiling and a floor on what the SM will try to get, but in any case the SM can’t get more than the AP has to give based on the downlink data % setting.

To get the benefit of setting “Configuration Source” to “SM” you have to go into each SM either through the GUI or through SNMP to set the MIR values (or leave them at the defaults). The payback is wonderful control over bandwidth and the ability to have “tiers” of service.

Hope that helps - MIR settings take a little work and experimentation, but can really help define what service levels you want to offer and charge for.

Thanks guys.

I have been setting the SM’s but I kept noticing that the bandwidth was not getting throttled. Just need to change the AP’s to use the SM for configuration

I’m reviving this thread, because I’m a little confused. :?

In order to have different “tiers” of service (like johnh said):

All I have to do is set the “Configuration Source” to “SM” in the AP, AND set the Sustained Uplink Data Rate, Sustained Downlink Data Rate, Uplink Burst Allocation, and Downlink Burst Allocation in each SM registered to that AP?

Is it really that simple for “tiers” or am I missing something?

And if these settings are done in the SM should I just leave the AP settings as the Default or set them to zero?

How will the downlink data % in the AP effect my “tiers”?

Lots of questions…any answers would be much appreciated :wink: