AP has No Sync

One of two AP’s connected to a CMM lost Sync over the weekend. The other AP and the CMM look OK. I have set the No Sync AP to generate own sync for now. It is a P10 board running 9.3.

I have tried re-booting with no luck. What would my next troubleshooting steps be? I would suspect:

1. Try another CMM port.
2. Replace cable and see if this helps?
3. Then……?

More than likely its the AP gone bad. trust me. i wouldnt even bother replacing the cat 5. try a new port and if that doesnt work replace the AP.

Let me know if we can help. We repair that problem pretty regularly.

Paul McCall
PDMNet Canopy Repair.

One option would be to use a Packetflux Sync Converter.

The PacketFlux or CTM-Express8 would be the simplest fix. This is assuming your AP can still receive sync via the “Timing Port”. I have seen AP’s that no longer will receive GPS sync via Power or Timing Port depending on the failure.

or run a timing cable from one ap to another on the timing port.

I don’t think connecting two AP timing ports together will work… I thought it only worked when connecting the timing ports from a SM/BHS to a AP/BHM.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll go to the site next week and try the port, cabling and the injecting a signal into the timing port (from a SyncPipe Parasitic).

mbsi wrote:
I don't think connecting two AP timing ports together will work...

why not?
yes, it works!
mbsi wrote:
I don't think connecting two AP timing ports together will work...

1. AP -> Generate Sync
2. AP -> Receive Sync on timing port
+ straight 6pin cable and it works well.

(before some time i´ve made a "special" cable, where one AP generates Sync for three other APs - works perfect)

Thanks for the info… we had tried this in the past from AP -> AP and were unable to get it to work. However, the problem could have been related to the AP, as it had initially lost the ability to receive sync over the power port.

Went out today and it is not a CMM port or cable issue.

Question, on the CMM I see a timing port (middle of board at bottom) . Can I connect this to the an AP timing port?

This port is intended for slaving CMM sync or providing sync redundancy between two CMMs w/ SW Release 3.0. Not sure if you can use this port to connect to a APs timing port, but you would think that it would follow the same principal.

yes you can plug a cable into the RJ-12 timing port on the CMM and connect it to the timing port on the AP. I would highly recommend using shielded cat5 along with shielded RJ-12 connectors. Use the wiring diagram from the canopy manual.

We didn’t use shielded RJ-12 connectors and a near by lightning strike blew out the timing port on the AP. Luckily the CMM wasn’t damaged.

You can also use a packetflux sync converter. http://www.packetflux.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=16&zenid=778151aaa36c912e6c4bae5cf9d3cc8c

Connected a timing cable into the CMM and AP and sync to timing port was successful.

Thanks for all the help.

I was trying to use shielded cabling for timing but the cup on the AP wont fir the CAT5, the connectorized antenna lead AND a shielded cat 5 for timing, we had to go to unshielded cat3 (3pr) to make it fit. IS this a High risk (we are using syncpipes and bonding the cat 5 shielding

If the Cap fit is the issue, why not just bore it out a little. We have to do that all the time on units that we connectorize to fit the timing cable and the coax cable in the same “right hand” hole.

Paul McCall
PDMNet Canopy Repair