AP Issues


I just installed a point to point force 110 link to extend reach. i installed an access point with a 120 degree sector at the far end of the link. The issue im having is im able to log into ptp slave link but its not reading the access point. Im a bit of a newbie to this gear and setting it all up. Is there a certain way i was supposed to configure the link? Im thinking its an issue with network mode i got NAT, Bridge or router. Its currently set to Bridge. I gave it a static IP in the same subnet as  all the other equipment but i still cant log in. when i plug in directly i can log in but once its connected to the ptp slave data port it wont connect. Do i need to install a router or switch?


You should configure Ethernet and Wireless option for Management Access on Configuration -> Network page [Advanced Tab] if you want AP will be reached from Wireless side.

Thank you.

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Thank you. I will do that this morning.