AP loses Ping and access to AP but traffic still passes.

We are having a weird issue with some of our Cambium 900 and 2.4 AP’s. We will lose the ping and access to the AP’s, so in Dude or when trying to login to the unit we can not access or see units. Traffic however in most cases will pass like normal and we can reach the customer SM’s on the other side most of the time. The only way to fix this is hard reboot the or to power cycle AP if you have a CMM. We have looked at everything and have not been able to find why they are doing this.

We recently added 3 licensed links but this did not happen at the same time we added them. We have had them for about six months and this has only been going on about 1 month. Just thought it was worth mentioning. The Links are CFIP Lumina (SAF) if it matters. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Are having issues with the management VLAN, or do you even do VLAN tagging?

We had the same issue, and were able to trace it back to a radio having the management and untagged VLANs swapped.

Thanks for the response. We do not have any vlans set on the network.

Since you mentioned “the Dude,” what are you polling via SNMP and what is the frequency of your SNMP polling? (e.g. snmpget or snmpwalk)

Have you tried stopping any SNMP polling of those APs, and then are you able to access the APs?

Well I am willing to try anything but the dude only pings in our case. Any other suggestions?