AP PMP 450 Internal Error


This following message appears when I try to access to APs via http "INTERNAL ERROR"

After rebooting AP through CMM, It gets back to normal and we have acces via http.


Software Version: CANOPY AP-None

Find in attached file the Event Log

Below a part of Event Log:

System Log

12/08/2016 : 08:50:57 UTC : :Heap Memory Statistics: 

<BR/>Small heap<BR/>free list:<BR/>0: at 0x27c557c, 0x20 bytes<BR/>1: at 0x27fdcf4, 0x20 bytes<BR/>2: at 0x28bdbac, 0x20 bytes<BR/>3: at 0x28c61d4, 0x24 bytes<BR/>4: at 0x28d1c98, 0x20 bytes<BR/>5: at 0x28d48b4, 0x20 bytes<BR/>6: at 0x28d6e88, 0x20 bytes<BR/>7: at 0x28d852c, 0x20 bytes<BR/>8: at 0x28dab84, 0x20 bytes<BR/>9: at 0x28df260, 0x24 bytes<BR/>10: at 0x28dfd64, 0x20 bytes<BR/>11: at 0x28e11a8, 0x20 bytes<BR/>12: at 0x28e49c8, 0x20 bytes<BR/>13: at 0x28e61b0, 0x20 bytes<BR/>14: at 0x28e84c4, 0x20 bytes<BR/>15: at 0x28ea790, 0x20 bytes<BR/>16: at 0x28eb78c, 0x20 bytes<BR/>17: at 0x28f5f44, 0x24 bytes<BR/>18: at 0x28f6dac, 0x20 bytes<BR/>19: at 0x28fa888, 0x24 bytes<BR/>20: at 0x28fb6f0, 0x20 bytes<BR/>21: at 0x28ff350, 0x20 bytes<BR/>22: at 0x2901ab4, 0x20 bytes<BR/>23: at 0x29069ec, 0x20 bytes<BR/>24: at 0x290b434, 0x20 bytes<BR/>25: at 0x290da04, 0x20 bytes<BR/>26: at 0x2911524, 0x24 bytes<BR/>27: at 0x291238c, 0x20 bytes<BR/>28: at 0x2916c3c, 0x20 bytes<BR/>29: at 0x29182e0, 0x20 bytes<BR/>30: at 0x291a134, 0x20 bytes<BR/>31: at 0x291b570, 0x20 bytes<BR/>32: at 0x291dc08, 0x20 bytes<BR/>33: at 

This issue is fixed in 15.0.1  Could you please upgrade . 

If you can't upgrade , Are you managing via cnMaestro ? If not you can disable Remote Management (Configuation->cnMaestro)