AP PMP450 Frame Utilization


Somebody can explain why the value of "Frame Utilization" reaches up to 100% utilization continuously during a couple of hours.

 Is that normal ?  

Thank you.

This means that you're maximizing the data capacity of the sector you're monitoring during those busy hours.

It would suggest that you need to add capacity.  Either a wider channel, or additional Access Points would help provide capacity to your customers.  This is exactly the reason this statistic was developed, to help operators determine when they require additional capacity to keep their customers having a positive user experience.


Another option is to try to increase the modulation rate of SMs that may be bringing the sector's throughput down. Maybe an SMs could have a dish added to increase gain.

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For example, in a sector of AP PMP450, if we have some Subscriber Modules SM PMP430 mixed with SM PMP450 running together, is there a big impact of the quality of transmission ?

Is the total throughput of the AP PMP450 affected ???

 I have a sector PMP450 which doesn't get to reach 10Mbps, 

PMP 430 only transmits in SISO mode... that is, they only operate using the vertical polarization of the antenna.  The maximum throughput that a PMP 430 can do is ~48 Mbps.  This is 64 QAM operation, or 3X modulation.

Your total sector capacity depends on how many subscribers you have, what modulation they operate in, and most importantly, how much data they are using (i.e. you need to identify your "heavy users"). 

If you say your sector is operating at 10 Mbps aggregate througput in total, that would suggest to me that you have MANY users in quite low modulation modes.

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Basically if that PMP430 has perfect signal and is pulling 20mbit hes technically using a RF area that could have service 60mbit of pmp450's as he's eating into their time in the RF frame at 3X instead of at a more efficient 6x or 8x

Like matt said what do your modulations look like, because having people at 1x or 2x can seriously kill your sector, we had issues with installers installing getting the customers 10-15mbit they wanted, only to later realise the issue with the signal because that customer watched netflix all day every day and instead of sipping 10mbit of our 8x theoretical throughput he was taking up 8 times more bandwidth and killing the efficiency. 

1 Bad egg can really screw up a sector if they are constantly using it, or in some cases many bad eggs, using it periodically :S

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