AP problem loss of ping

Hi Everyone,

I am experiencing a problem with one location where I have two AP connected to cmm micro. Everything works fine until suddenly both APs get lost and I cannot ping them. After I do power on off they get back online shortly (in seconds) and I can ping them but soon after they get stuck again. If I do reboot on the cmm they start operating normally for some time (sometimes in minutes sometimes in hours) and it happens again. I have put a ups in case of voltage drop but still the same problem. The cmm shows sync ok and that everything is working ok. The boards are P9 and one ap is set to auto negotiate and the other ap is set to 10t. I appreciate if anyone can help me on this matter.


Have you measured the voltage that the CMM is producing?

Do you have private or public IP addresses in your Canopy elements?


No I have not measured the voltage, I will try that later today. Its happening again no mater the ups. On the canopy elements I have private ip addresses which are in the route list of the main router. Both APs go down at the same time and I can reach cmm without any problem which I would say there is no flood on the ethernet part.


We had the same problem (at least what I saw is the same as you are describing) and it turned out to be bad cables. One we simply re-terminated both ends (fun at 250 feet) and it started working, the other we pulled a “new” cable up the tower and have not had a drop since.

Larry Smith

I checked the voltage its around 24v as it should be. As for the cable both APs are connected to the cmm with two different cables I am not sure if the cable is the issue since the drop happens on both APs at the same time.