AP problems

Hi there,
I have 4 AP conected to a CMM, and I keep getting a very weird problem;
2 or 3 times a day, the one AP that I have connected to the CMM stop working.
If I check the status of the CMM, it show that this AP is
operational, but if I try to ping the AP, it is not respond and
all my clientes int this AP are down.Another three AP’s are working at this moment.
Has any one had this type of problem?
If reset “port power control” on CMMmicro, AP begin working.

Anybody can help me?

Check for cable problems

Do a Spectrum, you may have interferenc issues, track what time of day it goes down.

Could be quite a few different problems. Did you look at the unit while it has this problem? Are the lights acting like the unit is frozen? It could be a firmware bug or the fpga is heating up and failing. Try downgrading or upgrading the software. How often is this happening? I wouldn’t think that it would be a problem with the Ethernet cable or interference due to the fact that if you reboot the unit it comes back to life. It may come down to the fpga failing and would need replacing.

check the duplexing on the ap had a 2.4 doing this turned out it was set for froced 100 ful put it into auto problem solved