AP set up angle?

RE: AP set up angle. I have utilized Canopy’s calculation page and the angle specified does not work well (for a given area). I noticed the signal is improved when angle is greater than calculated.
Questions: What experiences have you had in setting up APs, in regards to angle?
Does anyone use any kind of device for setting up AP angle, eg inclinometer/compass?
If so (or not) what do you use to set AP angle?
Does anyone have any photos of “other than cluster” AP deployment?
Replies are welcome and appreciated!

i have deployed Ap with OMNI and dont need any angling or any thing

I have three modules “stacked” on a tower leg on our mountain top radio site and we saw NO improvement or difference in signal or performance by down tilting the APs.

We have several AP deployed as 360, and have found that this is the better way to go in general. Do all your alignment on the SM side.