AP Shows the wrong IP address

The AP's list often shows the incorrect IP address.  It usually eventually corrects, but this is showing instead of the IP assigned to the SM.

This is with 4.5 Release on everything - 3000L AP, F300-25 SM, in NAT mode.  The SM is working OK, and since we happen to know the .188 IP, we can ping, we can log into it, and we can administer it fine.  Just that there is sometimes no way to find the client's IP without looking at the DHCP server and doing some detective work.

it is probably just more cached and incorrect information in the GUI - there is lots of that of course - but when this list is incorrect, it kinda throws the in-store support staff a curveball, and if it's during an install... that wastes time for the installer too.

I have a couple f200's that have done this since 3.5.6, all you can do is wait for the AP to check the SM which it will do and update the IP. Even does this if we statically assign the IP to the SM. Something is lost in the handshake and it uses the LAN IP. Since we use cnMaestro (on-prem) to get IP addresses for support, it makes it moot to use the AP list.

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Hi Ninedd,

I guess you are assigning address via DHCP. The way how this feature works that SM is reporting its IP address when the address is assigned and via couple other triggers. This information can be potentionally lost in case of interference or bad radio conditions.



Thanks for the reply Dmitry - I apprecaite it.  :) The Quality of these connections seem pretty decent, and I rebooted this AP 10 hours ago while upgraded to 4.5.4-RC2 to see if that would help... so it seems like it should have had time to figure it out in 10h:35m