AP shows up in cnMaestro as offline when it's actually not offline

APs seem to randomly stop communicating with cnMaestro and show up in the alarms section even though the AP is up and accessible via it's IP.  On the AP it will show that it's connected to cnMaestro.  The only way i've found to clear the condition is to reboot the AP.

@Sean Heskett, rather than rebooting the AP, does the following also get it to come back online?

Disable cnMaestro Remote Management, Save and then Enable cnmaestro Remote Management and Save.

Also, can you claify if this is seen with ePMP or PMP 450 APs?

this is with PMP450

disable and enable doesn't change the state (also that would require a reboot)

Yeah I see the same thing all the time. I've tried every little work around I could think of to trick it into dropping the session and reconnecting to maestro but the only thing that works is rebooting the AP.

I have the same exact problem!  Has this ever been resolved in any way?  Seems to be a while since last post...

This issue is fixed in 16.1 , 16.1 BETA 1 is available for testing http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/PMP-Beta/Beta-Release-16-1-BETA-1-is-now-available-for-PMP-450-450i-450m/m-p/103940#M1161