AP sustained data rate limit

Why there’s always the sustained limit to 310000 of throughput?
What’s the point to do 750 mb aggregated if i can have only 310000 of sustained?

“750” are for the AP, 310 is for the SM.

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In the AP’s QoS section there’s a max sustained of 310000

and it’s referred to SM’s QoS.

So why there’s “AP Bandwidth Settings” in that section?

So the AP bandwidth settings are actually for SM’s that do not have a bandwidth profile defined. Typically we leave ALL the AP’s bandwidth settings to zero as we don’t want the AP doing any bandwidth shaping. It’s much better to use something like Cambium QoE for shaping.


Wait I’m confused why is the limit 310000 then? Don’t 450m’s support well more than that theoretically, no? And if thats the case why dont they come set to 0 by default.

I’m not sure, but I bet @LuciaCambium would know.

I bet @LuciaCambium would know :slight_smile:

Hi everybody. I know Lucia is out traveling on business, so I’ll try to respond in her absence. Those sustained data rate settings in the Configuration → QoS section on the AP are seldom used. They are rates per SM, not per AP. And the only time they are used would be if an operator sets the AP’s Configuration → General → Configuration Source to Authentication Server, but also sets the AP’s Configuration → Security → Authentication Mode to Disabled. Otherwise the sustained data rate is either obtained from the authentication server, or from the configuration setting in the SM itself. Table 81 in the PMP Configuration guide does a good job of explaining this.


Ahh that makes sense thanks! But this seems to another case of the UI for PMP being lacking in any other he’ll probably epmp even if the fields aren’t used in current config you’d think they would disappear or grey out

I understand the confusion. Just today I have logged a software enhancement request to consider putting some explanatory text in that section of the GUI and/or possibly grey out those 6 parameters when we know they won’t be used - when the configuration source is set to SM or Authentication + SM. I can’t promise this will be changed anytime soon, but your concerned is registered. I should mention there is 1 more case in addition to what I described last week where these parameters would be used. If your Configuration Source is set to Authentication Server and your Secutiry → Authentication mode is set to use a server, but your particular server is not setup for some reason to serve one of these 6 parameters, then the AP configured parameter would be used.


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