AP with an identity crisis....

One of my access points reverted back to it’s default setting today and permanently turned into a SM unit for some reason. It’s a P9 board running software version 9.4 and the option that allows you to change an AP to a SM disapeared.

Anyone else that had a simmular experience and with a posible sollution to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Is there some reason, why you can´t update to 9.4.2? Have similiar problem before upgrading to 9.4.2 from 9.4 fw before few weeks on one AP.

Could be a default port going bad

I have had one AP do the same thing, turned into a SM. Replaced it and the next AP also turned inbto an SM. Now on the third AP.

Any suggestions?

Change your PW and dont forget to change your root PW

Is it even possible, that someone have turned AP into SM?

Here’s one for ya…I just had a 5.2 BH20 turn into an SM after a reboot. 235’ up in the dark…just great. Thanks again, MOTO!!

UPDATE: Apparently this happens from time to time. Moto support was able to send me a fix.

Could you please share what kind of fix was supplied by the Moto support team?

Can’t exactly remember but I think I used the support form : http://motorola.wirelessbroadbandsuppor … hnical.php

I was then contacted by Motorola who wanted the serial number for the device after which they’ve send me a key which gets entered through a url. Example : http://ACCESS_POINT_IP_ADDRESS/key

Hope this helps