AP working with no ethernet link

I have an APwith no ethernet link:
SMs connect through the AP to one SM conected to Internet.
It works fine (the down link i 50%).
I noticed that the AP always gives an enormous number of Ethernet link errors. Could this be a problem ? Should I configure the AP in a special way in your opinion ?

Allow me to understand this.

You AP is not physically terminated into any Ethernet, but the Ethernet Stats report errors?

If so, interesting…

Since Canopy is designed to be a transparent bridge, the AP wants to forward the packets to the Ethernet port. Since there is nowhere to go they are dropped and counted. Probably don’t need to worry about it unless there is a problem with the Log files filling up or some other buffer overrun.

If there is a problem, a VLAN or a VPN setup might be able to be used to stop the AP from trying to forward packets out the Ethernet port.

the ethernet module is a standard off the shelf module, you can buy it and if you are comfortable with soldering, DIY

Just wondering by chance if you have tried a different CAT5 cable to the AP?